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The Official Site of Jonathan Charles Bruce

Don't know who this is or why you should care? Don't feel bad. Sometimes I get a little confused about it, too. See all that stuff in the banner up top? Hop-scotch through the site to learn more about my projects and just what's going on. I hope you enjoy yourself, but I make no guarantees.

As a disclaimer, I link to a bunch of stuff around the internet. Although I've traveled to these places and have not had my computer melt on me, I make no promises that your computer will not explode or contract some kind of terrible hyper-flu.

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News and Updates


I played River City Ransom Underground because you probably won't like it.


What's the code you scream into the radio when the President, who is a squid, hides in an air duct?


Want a Slash behind-the-scenes featurette? Weird, but doable!


Slash: The Final Chapter (Until It Becomes Profitable Again)


Slash VI: Slash Takes Manhattan, But Not Really


Slash, Chapter Five: The Final Chapter, But Not Really


Have a "snippet" of a "totally real" novel I'm "definitely" "writing" which contains no commentary on current events whatsoever.


Slash: The Subtitling.


Golly, that new Resident Evil game certainly exists.


I have nothing witty to say about today's slash-tastic update! Please note I mean "slash-tastic" in the movie type murder-y way, not the sexy type boning way.


More horror-ish proceedings, in what is certainly not a political statement.


Not slash fiction, slasher fiction. Don't worry. Happens all the time.


Wherein we ring in the New Year late and in an entirely inappropriate manner: by looking back at 2016.


On abuse.


On fanfiction.


I know very few of you were waiting with baited breath for my thoughts on last Tuesday's political fever dream, but here we are.


I got to work on the super exciting, upcoming exhibit Asylum: Out of the Shadows, and I'm here to tell you all (partially) about it!


Happy Halloween! You know what's awesome? Our Darker Purpose!

"Like reality, some stories end more abruptly than we desire.
Like reality, tales sometimes finish in directions that we are unwilling to face.
And like reality, when these traits pair together, we must accept our finale."


"I suppose my point is that, realistically, it is fairly wise to know one’s limits and be accepting of them so as to not end up with a squirming mass of insects for a shirt."


"“What if she’s already dead?” one of his cohorts asked.
Olson sighed in irritation. “Sylvia, are you dead?”
“No,” Sylvia responded, clearly angry.
There, you see?” Olson told his companion. “Don’t die until I’ve had a chance to kill you.”"


"It was a small comfort.
Miniscule, really. "


"Some believed, in reverent tones and whispered accusations, that it was Regan who was responsible for giving form to the nyxian hall monitor. They asserted (with very little evidence, mind you) that it was only after her arrival that the Friendly Footstools actually took on their current shape."


"“I simply refuse to talk to someone with such an antagonistic relationship with combs.”

The bed practically choked on its own amusement. “You are deliciously cruel.”"


"The student whirled at the sound, then blinked in disbelief. “You can see me?” she asked.

Cordelia didn’t know how exactly to respond. “I think so.”

The young woman considered this. “Interesting.”"


"As for the scars, the eyepatch’s reduction of his depth perception made the already-clumsy boy more susceptible to repeatedly jabbing himself with his silverware."


"“Well, this is Goneril we’re speaking of. She was banned from the labs for setting herself on fire six different times in the same way every time.”"


"The first hut ever constructed, history tells us, owes its existence to a Thaddeus Rathermaere. Unfortunately for him, his desperation did not match his skill, and he is also recorded as the first victim of catastrophic architectural failure."


On but four of the many kinds of bad you shall encounter in life.


On Grimm and why there's an obligation to think through your choices with fiction.


Betcha didn't know I got to pitch some Harry Potter sequels, did you?


"Her chin quivered as adrenaline made fear fight with bravery in her brain. “I have slain Frothy the Dragon,” she said quietly. “And if I must, I will do the same to you.”"


Ever wonder what those wacky potatoes get up to when you're not paying attention? How odd! But I have an answer for you!


We dive back into Our Darker Purpose... sort of.


Did you happen to like the new Ghostbusters, yet feel stumped at how to write about it without in inevitable storm of resentment puking out of the internet? Well, worry to more!


Wherein I discuss endings and how they can muddle an entire experience.


This new Pokémon game is really weird, everyone.


Happy Independence Day, and enjoy some 100% true state facts while you're at it!


I was getting married last weekend, and I'm going to tell you all a little about it.


Break out the confetti! It's been four years since this started, and it's time to... um... take some time before returning to the swing of things?


Wherein I did read a good book and I tell you all about it.


Introspective non-fiction, anyone?


Oh, sure, elections are all fun and games until someone takes it too far.


Guess who has a blog tour?


James' journey nears its end! Six whole times!


Ah, the ideological underpinnings of fiction.


Another guest post, this time from S. Valentine!


More red-hot Improbables-related writing process reading!


Want to know how I struggled with writing an authentic relationship! Well this may or may not scratch that itch!


Improbables has been officially released for mass consumption, so consume! Or not! I'm not the boss of you!


We have bad news about a wizard that has been given much praise in recent years. Documents have surfaced which suggest he is... undeserving... of our adoration.


Improbables has a release date and cover art!


Philosophy author Tak tse Profit stopped by and told me about his craft!


A rumination on Bloodborne and Assassin's Creed Syndicate and how they fumble in opposite directions.


Wondering what's going on? Let me tell you!


Let's ring in 2016 with a compilation of all the best bits of 2015, excluding the entire book I wrote that's coming soon! I mean, I have to save something, right?